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A Poem for a Graduating Daughter
Young woman, my daughter,
my joy and my heart,
You’ve reached the end
only to find a new start.
The world sees the young woman
with her charm and her smile,
but behind the woman,
I will always see the child.

When I put on my mother’s clothes
It seems my age just grows and grows,
And people think I’m quite sedate
Instead of being only eight.
When I dress up and curl my hair
I think I could go anywhere,
And be a lady at a ball
And never tell my age at all.

A Mirror For My Daughter
When you were born I said, “A girl
Like me.” But your eyes and hair
And skin took all their shades
From your aunt and father; Your narrow
Wrists and throat – your great-grandmother’s.
I searched for years to find myself
In you – some quirk of mind, some
Gesture – none.
Finally I gave up and looked
Straight at you to discover
Who this person is who isn’t
Me. And you looked back alight with love
And hope identical to my own.

My Daughter
All the dreams I prayed you’d be
Are all the things you are.
You were once my little girl
And now my shining star.

Wedding Wish for my Daughter
Beautiful child who lay in my arms
Was it only yesterday?
Diapers to pigtails, laughter and love
Sweeping the years away
Today your life will join as one
With the man you will love forever
And I know it is right…
for I’ve seen the joy
That the two of you share together
Time’s come… you’re a woman
I must say “goodbye”
Let me hold you and kiss your soft curls
On my face is a smile, but
There are tears in my heart
For you are still my little girl

My Daughter Grows Up
Life is fleeting, years rush past….
and little girls grow up so fast!
Let me take time out to be
glad that mine’s still here with me.
And though I’m busy through the day,
let me take time out to play…
Let me take time out to smile,
to linger with her for a while…
To invite her under the table for tea
and dress up silly as can be.
Let me take time out to sing
and dance and skip
and twirl and swing…
To splash in puddles when it rains
and make her fancy daisy chains.
Let me take time out to hear
about the things that she holds dear.
Let me tuck her in at night,
hear her prayers, turn off the light.
And for one more moment let me pray
and thank God that we shared this day!

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