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Another Bday card 09/04/2009

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Here an other Bday card I’ve made.
At theSA-site there is a birthday-list. Everybody on the list sent everyone a card on his/her birthday.
Today it’s one of the girls her birhday, so she received the card allready so I can show him here πŸ™‚

2nd card



1st card – Happy Birthday 2 U 08/28/2009

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Yes, I can show it πŸ™‚
1st Bday card
I made this card for Reini, it was her birthday yesterday.
It was my first scrapcard ever, I like making it. So there’s more coming πŸ˜€


Got my mojo back?? 08/19/2009

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Think so…..
Yesterday I finally parked my butt on my scrapping chair πŸ™‚ And what happend? I made my first scrap-card πŸ™‚ Yahoo!!!
I can’t show it to you all, because it’s a birthday-card and it’s not her birthday yet. So please some patience πŸ˜€

Within 15 minutes I’m about to order some photos online. Usually I print them myself, but I want to have tonz right now, so ordering is faster and cheaper πŸ™‚

There are just 19 days of my pregnancy left…..OMG time is running FAST!!!! Everything is ready for the little baby πŸ™‚
Today is a pretty tough day…..30 degrees Celsius 😦 Tomorrow is even tougher….34 degrees.
But I will survive πŸ˜€

Well, I’m getting back to my scrapping-chair en scrap my butt off πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


2gether 08/11/2009

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Finally some scrapping again πŸ™‚
That feels great! Again a photo from our wedding.


I really have to clean up my scrapattic….it’s such a mess.
But I can find everything, but I really need to clean up.


Santa’s Office 06/06/2009

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Yesterday evening there was an online crop at Scrappers Anonimous. One of the members put a LO online.
This is my turn:


I’m NOT happy with the result. Don’t know why. I decided to do it over again and make an other one πŸ™‚

I’m enjoying my weekend. Not much plans because I have a busy week in front of me. Monday and Tuesday all the directors of all the foreign countries are at the office for a meeting. Wednesday I’m going to the IJsselmeer for a sailtrip. And Thursday early in the morning, I think about 4AM we’re leaving for the South of France.

With the pregnancy everything is going great! I really love the little baby inside me. Can’t wait πŸ˜€ Well, 13 weeks to go. So before I know it….I’m holding my little baby.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and thanks for visiting my little Blog here πŸ˜€


Debbie’s Birthday Blog Candy 05/16/2009

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Goodmorning all πŸ™‚
Today I have a day of scrapping again πŸ˜€
DH left 45 minutes ago, and will be back at 2.30 PM.

I started my day with my Blog-round! You’ve all created wonderful things. I have to leave some comments still……

I found a great Blog-Candy. It’s on Debbie’s Blog
This is what you can win πŸ™‚
Deb's Candy

Well, I’m back to my scrap-desk and be creative again.
Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚


Jody…..my dog 05/15/2009

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Yes!!! Finally some scrapping πŸ™‚
Because of the sad weather here in the Netherlands I decided to do some scrapping today. And hooray it works πŸ˜€
More to come???? Well maybe.

Above a simple LO of my little dog Jody.
The journalling is in Dutch, here’s the translation πŸ™‚
11 years ago I got you as birthday present. No scooter, no moped….
For 11 years you’re living with mom & dad. Every time I come home you’re such a happy dog. You keep staring at me till I give you you cookie. I’m not living at my parents for 3,5 year now, and you now I miss you a lot!

At home DH and I can’t keep a dog. We both work the whole day. And I think that’s not good for a dog to be alone so long. So just visiting my parents often πŸ™‚ And when that happy doggy is running towards me and start wiggling his tail…..Oh I so love my little doggy!!


Busy…. 03/28/2009

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Besides scrapping a lot I’m very very busy.
There are so many things that needs to be arranged so early in the pregnancy….
But I’m almost finished πŸ˜€ We only need to make an appointment with the crΓ¨che.

At home we’re still busy with our bedroom and off course the bedroom of our little miracle πŸ™‚

This evening my dad is celebratig his birthday, and before we go there I want to finish scanning some old photos of my parents and my childhood.
So that I can take everything with me. So I’m back to scanning again!

Have a nice weekend.
Soon I will upload my Project 365 photos and my new scrapcreations.


Challenge no. 1 03/06/2009

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lazysummerdaysHere it is πŸ™‚
The first LO I made this year…..So 199 LO’s to go!
Have a nice evening πŸ˜€


I’m in love deep in love…… 03/06/2009

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I can’t deny…I’m deep in love.
In love with the little baby inside me. I couldn’t imagine how it would feel to see the little inside you on a television-screen. Wow!!!! The most wonderful thing in my life.
Last Monday we had our 2nd echo (I don’t know if this is the correct word of it). And at the moment the woman put that thing on my belly there he/she was. What an amazing moment!!! And I fell in love right away.
He/she was showing us some tricks πŸ™‚
Now I know why everyone is calling it a miracle πŸ™‚

My project 365 is going great, but I have to upload the pics. Somehow I couldn’t get them here, so I try it again later!!

Scrapping is going great! Soon I’ll publish some of the things I create the last week. Hope to finish my challenge soon! So that I can go scrap-shopping again πŸ˜‰

HaveΒ  a wonderful Friday everyone, thanks for stopping by.