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#5. Our Guide 10/25/2008

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Do you believe your eyes? The second LO from me in one week!
Well, I can’t believe it either 😉
But it’s true!

Sorry for the bad photo, I made it last evening.
This photo was taken in February 2005 when Dennis and I where in Finland. This dog guided us through the forest to a suspension bridge. This bridge crossed one of the few rivers in Finland that don’t freeze during winter. It was really fascinating to see this.

Thanks for visiting my Blog! And have a nice day 🙂




#4. Perfect Love Couple 10/25/2008

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Here it finally is 🙂
LO number 4 (!!!) of this year. Can’t believe I scrapped this less this year.
On the LO is a picture of my parents. For me they are the perfect love couple.
An other LO is coming!

With me everything is getting better and better. I’m working on it. But it’s hard. Because talking about it helps me to process this emontional thing I want to tell you about it.
A couple of weeks after we turned home from our holiday in France, we found out that I was pregnant. It came as a suprise, but we were very very happy with it. After 3 weeks I start loosing blood, no big deal a lot of woman loose that in the first trimester of the pregnancy. But with me it didn’t stop.
So I start feeling worried, shall I loose my baby…
After 2 week I had a miscarriage, and that was the worst day of my life. I thought I was a strong girl and I could handle this loss. But I had a rough time the last weeks. When you have plenty of time to think about your life and the way you wanted it to be. You kind of walk through your life again and then I encountered many things that I want to change for the future.
It great to have a lot of people around you who likes you the way you are. I’m a careful girl and I always want to be there for friends and relatives. But I turned it around….what if I need help? Then I found out that some of those “friends” should not be there for me when I need help. It’s start with calling them, they didn’t answer the phone, when I leave a message in their voicemail I didn’t get any response. So I thought Marjolein change this. Don’t let people like that use your energy! But put your energy, love and caring in the people that would be there for you no matter what.
It was real hard for me to found out, but I’m getting stronger day by day. By not letting people abuse your goodness, I respect myself a bit more. Just relaxing on the couch with a magazine, it’s good. Quality time for yourself 🙂
It works 🙂
I sleep better, can communicate better, my relationship is better as it was before

Well, I’m going to post my fifth layout in the next post.
Have wonderful Saturday!


I’m still on earth 10/17/2008

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Oh my, I’ve not been Blogging for 1,5 month. I’m sorry, but my life has been very hectic, lot of things crossed my path. And I’m tired……..
Having a hard time to be positive 😦  Sorry to bother you with this…….but it feels good to write it here 🙂
Right now it’s getting better, my family and friends are really supportive. And that feels good.
Last weekend we started reorganise the house, clean up, sort things out. I’m happy with it 🙂 Because a clean and organised house makes me happier.
My scrap-attic is clean and reorganised. So I can finally do some scrapping. Hope to start this evening.
No lists anymore more with what I want to do and which things I need to do. Just relaxed and enjoy the time I’m scrapping 🙂 No matter what I’m making, just enjoying the time that I’m creative.
Last 12 months I wasn’t thinking about myself. Always an other person to please, to support, to take care of. Now it’s time for ME! Because I’m important.
Maybe this sounds real negative to other people, that’s not what I mean. I forgot to think about myself, as a result that my health was not what it should be. Now I’m back on the right track again and I want to stay there. Accept it that when I can’t help someone, it’s easy to say no in stead of hurry things to keep everybody happy. It’s not good for me, not for my DH, my family.

Soon I’ll do my bloground again to see what you all have been up to lately! And hope to get back to scrapping again 🙂 Really need to be creative again 😀