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Update Deck Of Me 09/05/2008

Posted by Mrs. W. in Deck Of Me, Scrapbooking, Wedding.
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At the beginning of this year I started a Deck of Me. I thought 1 card a week, I can handle that. But….I have made 5 (!!!!!!) cards this years. I supposed to have 36 cards finished by now.
Well, I started with real small cards, size playing-card. But because of my handwriting I couldn’t write as much as I want on the cards.
So I started over. Until then I’ve made 5 cards. It’s time to show them:
#1. What on my mind?





Journalling @ the back:

Will this year be a good one? Without health problems? Will I figure out what kind of job I really like? Will we get the house finished? Will I be pregnant this year? Will I be happy all year long? Where do we go on holiday this year? Can I find more time to scrap? Gosh!!!! Why is there always a pile of laundry waiting for me?

#2. I am……happy to be



Journalling @ the back:
26 years old, married to the love of my life, able to walk (had some problems), a scrapper, member of a gr8 scrappers-forum, daughter of two wonderful people, surroundend by friends.
I am happy to be happy!


#3. Remember when…..

Journalling @ back of the card
(no picture of that…)
I was spending lots of time @ my grandparents. Playing outside, work in the garden with grandpa, growing vegetables. With grandma I’ve planted the most beautiful flowers in the world. I still love to be with my grandparents. They’re such an amazing couplel. Hope to have them around me for lots of years. Memories about them are great. With this little card in my DOM this stays foreverd.



Jan, 26th 2008


#4. What give me power?

Journalling @ the back:
There are many thing that give me power!
But the most powerful thing is….
HIS love! Dennis’ love! The way he looks at me , the way he talks to me, just being with him gives me POWER! HE is my husband, the loe of my life, the one I talk to when I have problems, the one who wraps his arms around me when I need that!

#5. Special Moment…

Journalling @ the back:
Till now my wedding-day is the most wonderful day in my life.
The most special moment….
When Den said “I do….”
That moment,
That feeling, I will never forget.

The “ribbon” at the front of the card are two little pieces of my wedding dress.




Well, maybe it time to left the computer and walk to the attic to do some scrapping 🙂

Maybe I’m creative today 😉

Have a great day!