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Busy, work and too hot to be at the attic 05/14/2008

Posted by Mrs. W. in General, Scrapbooking.

Why are there so many things on my “to do” list?
Want to get a pencil and decrease the list.
This year I started the DOM (Deck Of Me) on the ScrappersAnonimous forum [link on the right]
I finished only 4 cards…….I have to start with it and try to keep up with the other girls on the forum.
At this moment it is too hot to be on the attic and scrap there. Well, I could be there now ’cause the sun is allready gone. But hmmz where is that shoe that give me a kick and kicks me up the stairs……Yeah, you probably know….I can’t find the damn shoe.
This are the cards of the DOM I still have to make:
#5. A special moment
#6. What is or means HOME to you
#7. Count your blessings
#8. You are special to me
#9. Who or what do you miss
#10. Quiet
#11. Humor
#12. The best place on earth
#13. My best friend
#14. Colors
#15. Things I Love
#16. Nature
#17. Good Times
#18. Time to yourself
#19. Greetings from
#20. In School I Was

Yes, I know 16 cards that I have to make. Hope to start with it real soon 😀
Besides these cards I want to start scrapping our wedding-pictures.
And I want to make a mini-album with the photo I’ve made on the family-day in May 2007!

Why can’t I just leave everything as it is and start scrapping. Well, I think I’m missing something….there are many ideas spinning in my mind but there’s absolutely nothing coming out of my hands. Sometimes that’s really frustating :S

Well, tomorrow I have to work 😀  A little update about my new job! I really like it there. Love the things I have to do, it’s a great team of people 🙂 For the first time in my life I’m happy when I go to work and I return home happy after a day of work. So that’s really great.

Well, I think the shower is calling me now 🙂 After a long (I think) shower I’m going to sleep.
Good night for you all, sweet dreams!
Thank you all for visiting my Blog!




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