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2007 almost gone 12/28/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General, Scrapbooking, Wedding.

Well, time is running faster then we all want.
2007 is almost at it’s end. Lot of things happend. After a hernia, and being at home for 11 months. I finally got back to work. Turned 26 this year. And I got married to my boyfriend. Yes, 2007 was a great one.
Off course I want 2008 to be better, but hey who doesn’t???
I received some great photos of the photographer, but I have to resize them before I can show them here. But my photo-editing software isn’t working…..*cry*

So 2008 is waiting to begin. And off course I have some good intentions for next year……but they are quite standard (for a woman…) loose weight, scrap much much much more (standard for a scrap-addict I think…), finish some things in the house, finished the garden, figuring out what I want to do for a living……
Well, I’m not going any further. This is enough (maybe too much…)

My Christmas was great! First Christmas-day we went to my parents in law for dinner, and on the second day we went to my parents. No presents, because we had a fantastic wedding.

I’ll tell about the wedding in my next post with photos.

For now I wish you all a very happy Friday-evening, sweet dreams, and have a good weekend!




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