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Some nice quotes/poems to share 12/29/2007

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Was surfing on the net, when I found these quotes/poems. I wanted to share them with you!~

A friend loves at all times
A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same
Take time to laugh, It is the music of the soul
May you discover all the best Life had to offer
Distance means little between friends
Work, like you don’t need the money
Love, like you’ve never been hurt
Dance like nobody’s watching
Love is a fruit in season,
and within the reach of every hand
Mother Teresa

Sweet dreams everyone!!



Wedding photos… 12/29/2007

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Yes, we received some photos and they’re great!!!
Just wanted to share two of them with you!

This is when Den picked me up from home!
Slot met z’n allen
I really love this photo! This is at the end of the ceremony! We were very suprised to see so many people there when we arrived with the Caddilac!


2007 almost gone 12/28/2007

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Well, time is running faster then we all want.
2007 is almost at it’s end. Lot of things happend. After a hernia, and being at home for 11 months. I finally got back to work. Turned 26 this year. And I got married to my boyfriend. Yes, 2007 was a great one.
Off course I want 2008 to be better, but hey who doesn’t???
I received some great photos of the photographer, but I have to resize them before I can show them here. But my photo-editing software isn’t working…..*cry*

So 2008 is waiting to begin. And off course I have some good intentions for next year……but they are quite standard (for a woman…) loose weight, scrap much much much more (standard for a scrap-addict I think…), finish some things in the house, finished the garden, figuring out what I want to do for a living……
Well, I’m not going any further. This is enough (maybe too much…)

My Christmas was great! First Christmas-day we went to my parents in law for dinner, and on the second day we went to my parents. No presents, because we had a fantastic wedding.

I’ll tell about the wedding in my next post with photos.

For now I wish you all a very happy Friday-evening, sweet dreams, and have a good weekend!


Today is the big day!!!! 12/21/2007

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Just a quick note!!!
Today is the day day!!!
My hair is ready, make-up ready, let that hunk come and pick me up:-)

Will update here soon!!!!
With photos off course!



Merry Christmas 12/16/2007

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Just 5 night left! Till our wedding-day!
The weather is great! Den did the proposal of marriage when we were in Finland for a holiday.
So I hope the weather is the same on Friday, haven’t checked the weather forecast yet.

Because we (off course) will be very busy these last day, we both want to wish you a merry Xmas and a very happy, lovely and creative 2008!

Here is our Xmas-card for YOU ALL

Xmas-hugs from the Netherlands!
D & M

UPDATE 12/05/2007

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15 days left till our BIG day. OMG time is running much faster than we both want. But I love every single day. Love all the perpartions for it. Love the meetings. We are really enjoying every single minute.
We only have to talk to the DJ once again. So that there’s no André Hazes on our wedding day. Because we both don’t like that.
Yesterdag I went to the Witte Markies again. I feel like a princes wearing the dress:) I’m so so so happy. At December 19th I’m going to get the dress.
Everything is ready for our big day. Everybody loves the wedding-invitation. I’ll post an image soon here:) but I’m not going to share the text which is on it.
Other things are going fine! Love my temporary job. Great people to work with. I’ll be working here till the end of February.
Today it’s Sinterklaas-avond. So a lot of people get back home earlier today.  So I think I’ll be in some kind of traffic jam when I return home. We aren’t celebrating Sinterklaas.
But I think we have hot chocolate on the couch this evening. Just a cozy evening together.
This Saturday we both have our bachelor’s parties…..but suprise.. So I’m very very curious…..

Well not more news from here. The weather is VERY Dutch at the moment. Stormy/Raining weather. So not a happy thing to write about.

I’m still putting new poems online. You can find them all here

Hope you’re all having a great day! If you have Sinterklaas-avond! Have fun with the gifts.


new poems online 12/04/2007

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I uploaded some new poems…
The enemy ones are online

Have a nice day!


Love/Marriage poems online 12/02/2007

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More poems online now!!!
I just finished the Love & Marriage poems….
You can find them here

hope you like them!


Yes!!! I’m still here…… 12/01/2007

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I’m soooooo sorry for being a bad bad bad blogger lately.
But I’m too busy with serveral things.
There are just 19 days left before the wedding! So all things need to be checked, checked and double checked.
Beside that I’m busy with work. So, no time for scrapbooking!
Hope to update again soon!
Hope you are all doing okay!
Thanks for visiting;)