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Just Love Music….. 08/28/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

Yes, I admit….I love music. And I’m listening it all day long.
My dad is a member of a cover-band. So when I was young there was always music around me.
My dad plays the guitar, which instrument I really really love. Maybe I have to learn playing it too.
Music means a lot to me, and there are several songs which I really like.
At the moment I really like the song: Relax, take it easy from Mika.

And I really need to relax….but can’t find time for it:)
The other song Grace Kelly from Mika, is also a great song. Real great to put your car-audio at 10 and sing along with it. Especially when you’re in a traffic-jam:) It’s very funny to see how many people get mad in their car on their way back home. Driving the car is a thing I really like…wish I could do it all day long. But hey….. my car doesn’t work on water so it’s not a great idea to do it.

Well, gotta go now going to pick the car for the wedding:):)




1. Anneli - 09/05/2007

Heeee Marjolein,

Kwam via mijn eigen weblog op jouw weblog…bedankt voor je berichtje! Wel grappig dat terwijl ik aan het surfen ben naar jouw weblog het nummer van Mika, hard maar dan ook echt keihard op heb staan!!! Ik heb hem zelfs als ringtone op mijn mobieltje gezet…Super nummer! Ga nog even rustig verder kijken op je weblog…Tot logs (????) Groetjes Anneli

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