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Just Love Music….. 08/28/2007

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Yes, I admit….I love music. And I’m listening it all day long.
My dad is a member of a cover-band. So when I was young there was always music around me.
My dad plays the guitar, which instrument I really really love. Maybe I have to learn playing it too.
Music means a lot to me, and there are several songs which I really like.
At the moment I really like the song: Relax, take it easy from Mika.

And I really need to relax….but can’t find time for it:)
The other song Grace Kelly from Mika, is also a great song. Real great to put your car-audio at 10 and sing along with it. Especially when you’re in a traffic-jam:) It’s very funny to see how many people get mad in their car on their way back home. Driving the car is a thing I really like…wish I could do it all day long. But hey….. my car doesn’t work on water so it’s not a great idea to do it.

Well, gotta go now going to pick the car for the wedding:):)



Workshop Dawn Inskip 08/26/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

On August 18th, I finally met Dawn Inskip. Sweetheart it was a pleasure to finally meet you and Carly.
I brought my camera with me off course, but wasn’t able to snap as much pics as I want to. But here are a few to share:)


I joined the 10:00 AM workshop and the 2:00 PM workshop. They are both real great, but I haven’t found the time to finish the LO’s. Hope to start next week, but I want 36 hours a day!!!! Time is short here…. or I have to much things to do.Well, thanks for visiting my little Blog here!


Home :) 08/22/2007

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After 10 days we’re home:)
The weather was bad…..But we’re home and still have 1,5 week left:) Yes!!
Now I have a day of laundry…..bleh!!! But it has to be done.
We bought rings for the wedding during the vacation. Since we have them, I’ve opened the box about 100 times. I really like them. So now there are two important things that needs to be arranged…. a suit for Den and a car!!
And when we’re 4 months further….the day is yesterday:) I’m enjoying all the preperations for the day.

The next Blog is about the wonderful day I had in Ede @ ScrappenDoeJeZo at August 18th. Dawn Inskip was there, and I joined two of the workshops. I have to finish the LO’s. Maybe I start today….and then I post them here! So soon I’ll be posting photos. And Inge…..I’ll be mailing the photos today! Have to get my camera and put them on the HD 🙂

Thanks for visiting and talk to you soon!!!

Yes, finally….HOLIDAYS!!!!! 08/12/2007

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🙂 Yes, finally!!! At this moment we’re on the campsite.
Yes, yes I know…why am I Blogging…right?? That’s the question which is spinning in your mind right? Well, we stayed in the Netherlands. So it’s raining. But we have the possibility to use the WiFi-connection:):)
So we’re still online here. Hmmm are we in heaven or what?
Well, I’m going to visit my favorite Blogs and will be updating soon.
This Saturday I’m going to meet Dawn:) And join two of her workshops:):) Looking forward to it. Dawn if you’re reading this before you leave England….I haven’t brought my Bunny with me for Carly;)


Thank you all for visiting my Blog:):)

Too much things going on here 08/05/2007

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Yes, Marjolein is still here. But I can’t find any time to Blog….
I’m too busy.
Arranging things for the wedding, the markets, the house, the garden.
And my new job!
Two weeks ago I started there.
Soon I hope to blog more and share some scrap-projects.
Can’t  wait till August  18th, then I’m at ScrappenDoeJeZo in Ede.
Dawn Inskip is there then!

Well, gotta go now….enjoying the sun:)