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Yes!!! I’m here!!! 06/19/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General, Work.

Sorry……I’ve too much things to do these weeks. I’m preparing a night-market. And I thought I could finished it a week ago…..but nope still not finished and the market is on Friday!!!
The job-interview went okay. Monday I have some sort of exam. She couldn’t choose between two people. Me and an other girl. So she wants us to join the company for one day to see who is the best….hmmzz I don’t know what to think about it. But okay. Monday I have my turn. So we shall see, I would really love the job there and it’s a very interesting company. So…..maybe I have more news on Monday.
For now I don’t have much to share. I’m stuck on the market-things and don’t have time to scrap. And there is always laundry waiting for clean in the machine…..Hmm I have to vacuum-clean….gosh…I think I’m getting a bit stressed here.
But my hero is on her way…..Tomorrow my mom is coming over to help me!!! YES!!!!

Gotta go…I’m almost sleeping at my desk…..
In my next post I’ll share some  shots of the BBQ I had on Saturday.

Thanks for all you comments.



1. Karen - 06/20/2007

All will be well then Mum gets there Marjolein. The world will stabilise.
Hope you get all you want done for Friday. It’s good that you will have that out of the way before you go for your trial day at the new company. Best of luck for both Friday and Monday.

2. Ilse M - 06/20/2007

Hey Marjolein,

Ik wens je veel plezier op de nachtmarkt! Ik hoop dat je alles nog op tijd af krijgt. Ik zal voor je duimen maandag!

3. Dawn - 06/22/2007

best of luck hun – and have a great w/e 😀

4. tanja - 06/24/2007

hoihoi mail je me nopg ff je adres?? je had van de week een rak gewonnen op mijn blog…
groetjes tanja

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