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Busy….. 06/04/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

Pffff….had a very busy weekend…..it started on Friday….
At 8:45 am my best friend picked me up….she and her boyfriend bought a house and there were things that needs to be done before they could start…So I started steaming of the wall-paper.
At 2:30 pm I went home. Had to cook dinner for Saturday…. That was Dennis’ birthday and we invited some family and friends. Unfortunately Dennis’ mom couldn’t make it because her husband was still working:(
So from 3:00 pm till 6:00 pm I was cooking. It felt like working in a soup-kitchen I think….I never worked there.
At 6:00 pm I left home to get my nails done. My friend (also named Marjolein) made real artwork of it again. Tomorrow I will take a picture of it and show it to you.
Saturday I had to go to the baker to get bread and stuff like that. So I was on my way to the baker at 9:15 am……early right?!
And uhm the last one left our house at 2:30 am sundaymorning…..
Sunday we cleaned up the house and went shopping in Alkmaar, and we went to see Dennis’ mom and Leo:)
We went home and slept for 2 hours and then continued cleaning up everything.
Today I spend most of my time arranging things for the Nachtmarkt Kolhorn. That’s a market in the village where I grew up. And I’m almost finished with it. I want to have it all completed before June 16th, because then we have a big BBQ in the street where we’re living. Will share some photos then:).
Right now I’m almost leaving….going to BBQ at our neighbours place….. Oh I love BBQ:):)

Thank you all for visiting my Blog, love your comments.
Have a nice day.



1. Karen - 06/05/2007

Sounds like it’s been all go for your Marjolein. Hope you get a chance to catch your breath.

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