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Why I love my cactusses… 05/10/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

Last week I found out why I love a cactus:-)
It’s because it kills spiders….yes it really does!
When I entered the bathroom I saw the spider in the cactus. I just woke up so I wasn’t freaking out like usual.
Then I saw the the stupid spider had killed himself….
Here is a photo of what I saw…if you are afraid of them…maybe you have to buy cactusses.
As you can see on the photo, the bastard had a “blood” drop on it’s body….
Off to the garden centre to buy hundreds of cactusses.
No just joking….I’m going to scrap today.




1. Dawn - 05/10/2007

OMGoodness girl – what a stunning pic – I hate spiders and I didn’t know that the prickly plants kill them… maybe I need to buy some 😀

2. Karen - 05/10/2007

Well I have a phobia about mice Marjolein wo I can appreciate how you must feel if you are an arachnophobe.

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