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#10. I Love You 03/30/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

Yes, I found time to scrap today:-) Lucky me!
This morning I went to Marjolein…..time to get my nails done. After that I went to the gym.
So I didn’t went to the scrap-store to spend my money. No! I went straight to the gym, after 90 minutes I was finished. And I felt great! Went home, did some cleaning.
And then it was time to make dinner.
After dinner I went upstairs….yeah scrapbooking-time.
Yesterday I received new photos…so lot of time to spend on the attic these days…
This is a LO I just finished some minutes ago.
10 I Love You
Wanted to share this with you right away….well getting back to my scrap-desk….




1. CORINNE DELIS - 03/30/2007

mooie lo marjolein en goed joh dat je lekker naar de gym gaat! ik heb er steeds minder tijd voor.


2. Ilse - 03/31/2007

Ik vind m erg mooi geworden Marjolein! De lo zegt alles! Ik Ben benieuwd wat je nog meer hebt gemaakt!
groetjes ilse h

3. Isolde - 04/01/2007

Schitterend!! Mooi handschrift heb jij, zeg.

4. Karen - 04/01/2007

Love the journalling around the edge of the page marjolein. it makes a great frame. And you’r doodling is very cool too. I can never get mine to look like that. That’s why I had to come up with an alternative technique.

5. Atie - 04/08/2007

That’s my boy!!!

6. Ilse - 04/09/2007

Hey Marjolein,

This LO says it all ! It’s very nice. I like the way you did your journaling. It’s something else!

Thanks for sharing!

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