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Sunshine:) 03/25/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

Yes, I really love this weather:) The sun is here:) He can still find me…..
So because of the weather I planned to organise the barn. I cleaned the windows, and organised a big part of the barn. But when I was sweeping the floor………there HE was a spider! And I’m afraid of spiders. Not those little ones, but the bigger ones…. If they’re bigger then 3 cm I’m afraid of them. So I was finised with the barn. Let Dennis finish it please.
A few minutes a go I started with the laundry…..no spiders:):)
Well, I’m leaving again:) You can find me outside…..somewhere in the sun:)




1. Dawn - 03/26/2007

You’re very brave spring cleaning the barn – I’m petrified of spiders! Hope you have a great week

2. Isolde - 03/26/2007

Yikes!!! I hate spiders too.

3. Karen - 03/27/2007

Glad the sun can still find you Marjolein. Mice are my special fear and I’m completely frantic if I see one, so I can understand how you feel about the spiders.

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