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#10. I Love You 03/30/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

Yes, I found time to scrap today:-) Lucky me!
This morning I went to Marjolein…..time to get my nails done. After that I went to the gym.
So I didn’t went to the scrap-store to spend my money. No! I went straight to the gym, after 90 minutes I was finished. And I felt great! Went home, did some cleaning.
And then it was time to make dinner.
After dinner I went upstairs….yeah scrapbooking-time.
Yesterday I received new photos…so lot of time to spend on the attic these days…
This is a LO I just finished some minutes ago.
10 I Love You
Wanted to share this with you right away….well getting back to my scrap-desk….



Sketch….if you have a lot of journalling:) 03/28/2007

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This Sketch I’ve made a while ago.
I had a large photo and a lot of journalling because there was a story…..
It was a funny pic:)
I’m busy with making others but I want to share this one. Because it was my first one.



Quote 03/28/2007

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While surfing I found this Quote….I will definitely use this one in one of my LO’s this year:)

I love my life
that’s why
I decorate it


Sunshine:) 03/25/2007

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Yes, I really love this weather:) The sun is here:) He can still find me…..
So because of the weather I planned to organise the barn. I cleaned the windows, and organised a big part of the barn. But when I was sweeping the floor………there HE was a spider! And I’m afraid of spiders. Not those little ones, but the bigger ones…. If they’re bigger then 3 cm I’m afraid of them. So I was finised with the barn. Let Dennis finish it please.
A few minutes a go I started with the laundry…..no spiders:):)
Well, I’m leaving again:) You can find me outside…..somewhere in the sun:)


Buttons, buttons, buttons 03/22/2007

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I’m so in love with them…..

They look so cute on my scrapdesk:)


Forgot about yesterday 03/18/2007

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Dinner was great:) Lots of fun:)
While blogging this afternoon I forgot to tell about yesterday….and Friday-evening.
Friday evening we went to the juweler store, to take a look at the weddingrings….OMG which shall we choose?? There are so many beautiful ones…….hey it’s not December yet, so plenty of time…
Yesterday we went to Dennis’ mom and Leo to have dinner:) It was fun.
And I’m so happy that they’re so excited about our marriage….
Can someone skip time till May/June???? Then I want to start my dress search with my mom, my MIL and my best friend.
That’s gonna be a fun day:):) or days……..till I found the perfect dress off course.


My Sketches 03/18/2007

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Thank you all for telling me you’re interested in my sketches.
Well as I really love my pencil and paper they’re not digital. So I have to scan them, then I can share them with you all:)

Today I’m feeling a little down. Don’t know why. Just bleh…..
But I clean the attic and did the laundry. Soon I have to start making dinner.
My neighbours are coming for dinner:) So soon I’ll have to start smiling and stop feeling down.

Talk to you soon
Thanks for visiting:)


Update 03/15/2007

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Time for an update right? It takes a lot of time to arrange the most things for our wedding all ready. Because it’s Friday before Christmas I want to start early with everything. Because I want to have it our way. So I’m very busy…
Saturday we went to Slot Schagen because we want to get married there. We visit their website and I called the lady the day after our visit. When we were there, it’s was so beautiful. I can’t wait to get married there. It’s so amazing! Well, stop dreaming there’s still a lot of things to get done before the 21st of December.
Because of all this I coudn’t find time to scrap, I’m really missing it.
Don’t have to work tomorrow, so maybe….
First I have to go to Marjolein, for a new set of nails:) After that I have to bring my shape Xpress back to Simpel Scrappen. After that I’m not sure yet. So maybe I can scrap……
Two weeks ago I started with making sketches, maybe it’s a good idea to share them on my Blog…..let me know if you’re interested.
Gotta go now, thank you all for visiting my little place on the web and happy scrapping:)


Getting married….. 03/09/2007

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Yes, I’m getting married at the 21st of December this year.
Yesterday we had dinner at Dennis’ father, so we told him. It’s such a great feeling to see our parents reacting so happy. It’s very special.
So now we’re planning and planning and planning. We start now, because the 21st of December is before Christmas. And to be sure to have a party-place:) We choose to start all ready.
Tomorrow we have our first appointment, so yes I’m a little nervous about it. It’s a the place where we want to get married. Then we first have to arrange it there and then go to the city hall to come to an agreement there. So we shall see. If it’s possible to get married there, I’ll share it tomorrow with some photos:)
Maybe you’re asking why do they want to get married at the 21st of December and not in the Spring or Summer months…..
Well, then we are 7 years together. So it’s a special day. I’m sooooooooo happy.
Can’t wait to find the perfect wedding dress with my mom, my MIL and my best friend.
Tuesday we went to Martijn and Patricia and told them. I asked Patricia to be my witness (is that the right word??!!!) and she said YES!!!
So I’ll keep you up to date about it.

changing subject
I wasn’t able to scrap the last days. Was busy with work, telling people we’re getting married, cleaning up the mess here.
I also started (again!!!) cleaning and organising my scraproom/attic. So I’ll leave you with some photo. It’s not finished yet. But well I can share this….


Have a nice weekend….here in the Netherlands the weather will be good..:)


Stop guessing….. 03/08/2007

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Yes there’s a wedding at the 21st of December.
Tell you more about it tomorrow…..