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#7. Guda & Nillis 02/10/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

Yesterday I visited Marjolein (no not myself…a friend) and she gave me a set of acrylic nails:) I so so love them. And she made some nailart on it. I thought I have to get used to the nails, but nope. I can do everything ith them. Oh here’s how they look like:

After that we went to Den Helder to the Kleine Kaap:) Hey it was lunch-time!! Wow, that sandwich was really good. Hmm can I go again? Today? No!!!
After that we went to Simpel Scrappen, it’s such a great shop:) I needed cardstock….so yes I had to go!
I also have some other things, stickers and gluedots…..
I leave you with a LO I made yesterday-evening, it’s about my mom (Guda) and my uncle (Nillis).


the diet is going great!



1. Shirls - 02/12/2007

congrats on your new job!!! love the nail and the layout:)

2. Dawn - 02/13/2007

Oh I love pretty nails, yours look stunning – you can talk with your hands (I’m not the only one to do that… am I? LOL) and be confident. How’s the job going… hope you;re enjoying it 🙂 xx

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