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Doodling on the wall????!!!! 01/16/2007

Posted by Mrs. W. in General, Scrapbooking.

Yesterday I was making a sketch for my doodles on my blank wall.
I’m very happy with the result.
So when Dennis got home I showed him my doodles.
He likes it, but thinks it’s not worth it to paint it on the wall I had in mind. Because we both want to have a large cabinet there to put our stuff in. But there’s and other wall. So maybe I can paint it on the wall. Well well paint it?? If so, I have to airbrush it on the wall.
So for now I’m not sure if there’s going to be any doodles around here.
This is what I made yesterday:

Today we had a little rebuilding here. Now my computer, printer, scanner and all that technical stuff is at the attic too:) I’m so happy with it. Still I have to organise a lot. Because stuff is everywhere. It’s really great to have my computer near when I’m scrapping. Print a photo or search the net to find some inspiration.

Yes, I’m a very very happy person at the moment.

Well, I’ve to change my clothes and take a look at my hair. We’re going to my parents. Have to bring my dad’s USB stick back.  Oh…well I can tell you this story….I’m so embarrassed about it.
We visit my parents at the 2nd of January to wish them a Happy New Year and all that stuff. When we turned home,  my dad gave me a USB stick with photos of a friend who had been to Brasil (I wanted to scrap a few of the photos for her, because I know she loves it (scrapping)). So we went home with the USB-stick.
Last week my dad asked me when he could expect his USB-stick back. I was wondering….hmmm USB-stick. Where is that stick? I didn’t remember putting it somewhere. So I told him, I didn’t know where it was. So I start searching. I looked in every cabinet, drawer…but I didn’t see it.
But when I put on my clothes this morning, I felt something strange in my pocket….my dad’s USB stick!!!!!!
Normally I check every pocket of every pair of trousers I put in the washing machine. But I think I forgot to check this one. Luckely the stick is still working. So I’m off to bring the stick to my dad.




1. Marjolein - 01/17/2007

Sketches look good! Are you gonna give it a try or…….
Did you feel relived, when you found out that stick still works ok!! Boy….. what a scare that must have been!

2. @tie - 01/17/2007

Mooi geworden Mar wat een talent!!!


3. mirjam - 01/17/2007

Great doodling Marjolein!


4. Karen - 01/18/2007

Doodling looks cool Marjolein. It’s handy to know that USB sticks can survive the washing machine.

5. Dawn - 01/18/2007

Love the doodling and have fun with the new room LO 🙂

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