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7 pages of my Finland album…. 12/13/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

I just want to share some pages of my Finland album with you. I’m still not finished….but hey I haven’t blogged for a while.
So here are the first 7 pages of the Album. I so love these winter-pictures. Here in Holland it’s raining almost everyday. Why can’t we have snow here? A white Xmas would be great.
Here are the pages!!!!


Sorry for the blurry pics, these are made with an old camera…
I have bought a new camera:) A Canon EOS400D:) I love it:)
Is it Xmas allready…gonna shoots tonz of pictures:) Family be perpared:) LOL
Thank you all for visiting my BLOG:) I love all your comments:)
Take Care and have a wonderful day



1. Karen - 12/14/2006

It’s a great looking album. But it’s hard to get the pages to look their best in a photo. have you tried scanning them? If they are too big for the scanner bed you can use the photonerge function of your editing software. You may want to check out a post I did which might assist.

2. Isolde - 12/14/2006

Waw, schitterende pagina’s. Nog even mijn Disneyland album afwerken en dan begin ik aan de foto’s van onze reis naar Thailand. groetjes Isolde

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