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Christmas’ over getting ready for 2007 12/27/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

These two days of Christmas weren’t good for my diet…..Well, I’m not really on a diet…But I sure have to loose weight. But okay okay we had lots of fun and the food was delicious.
Monday it’s January 1st….OMG time is going to fast….
So I was looking at this year….and I hope 2007 is going to be better for me. No more problems with health and things like that. At the beginning of this year I started bad… got a hernia. Got medication for it, but it didn’t work out. So on March 13th I ended up in the health insurance act….and I’m still there….
On May 19th my right leg stopped working….So my world collapsed. I went to the hospital immediately and got a surgery. The next day I was walking again. But with pain…. now everything is going alright. But still got some pain, there are good and bad days. In 2007 I want to find a great job and have fun with my friends & family. Want to have a normal live like every other 25 year old.
Want to loose weight, because there are too much pounds everywhere. So have to work on that.
And I’m hoping that I can find more time to scrap…… My goal for 2007 is 50 LO’s. And I think I can reach that goal.

For all who are reading this. I hope you have a great New Years Eve! Have fun with your friends & family and make 2007 a year you can never forget.
I’m staying with friends at New Years Eve, 30 crazy people having fun! Shall I bring my camera????

Maybe I’ll talk to you this year….. but I’ll see you in 2007!!!!

Happy New Year!!


Received gift from Santa:) (thanks Dawn) 12/15/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

I’m so happy:) My mailman gave me a gift from Santa (Dawn) today.
I really love all those ribbons, can’t wait to scrap with them.

Thank you so much Dawn.
This is what I got:

Have a nice weekend.


Gr8 news in scrap-Holland:):) 12/14/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.
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Was just reading Corinne her blog:) Wow, she designed the new paperline from CherryArte!!!
I’m so happy for her, because I knew this is a big dream that came true:)
Congrats Corinne:) I’m curious how they look like….


7 pages of my Finland album…. 12/13/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

I just want to share some pages of my Finland album with you. I’m still not finished….but hey I haven’t blogged for a while.
So here are the first 7 pages of the Album. I so love these winter-pictures. Here in Holland it’s raining almost everyday. Why can’t we have snow here? A white Xmas would be great.
Here are the pages!!!!


Sorry for the blurry pics, these are made with an old camera…
I have bought a new camera:) A Canon EOS400D:) I love it:)
Is it Xmas allready…gonna shoots tonz of pictures:) Family be perpared:) LOL
Thank you all for visiting my BLOG:) I love all your comments:)
Take Care and have a wonderful day

Finland album in progress….. 12/03/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in Scrapbooking.

Yes, there are allready 10 pages finished:-) I’m travelling through Finland again…..when can we come over again Anna? It’s such a beautiful country. When I’m finished I’ll show the album here:) All the pages;) For the journalling….well I’ll post it on Two Peas too.
I went to the Blokker to buy some more felt..it’s so great to work with…Can’t show you the LO’s. But I can show you the felt.


I wanted to buy all they had, but I didn’t. Because I still want to use the supplies I have here. And that’s more then enough. Now that this year is almost over I begin to realise that I can’t reach my goal of 50 LO’s 😦
Don’t think I can scrap 30 pages in one month…but that’s only 1 page a day…Well maybe I can….we shall see.
Tuesday December 5th is coming and I’m going to visit some children as “Zwarte Piet” my brother is coming too:) And my Dad will be Sinterklaas. I’ll ask my mom to make pictures of us. Looking forward to it.
Well, gotta go now! My mom is coming to pick me up, we’re going to a garden centre maybe I’ll buy some Xmas decorations..we shall see. I don’t want to spend much money this month. Only for the Xmas presents….
Have a nice Sunday….(it’s raining here….)