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Sorry sorry sorry I’ve been so busy…. 11/28/2006

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OMG I haven’t blogged for more then a week.. So sorry.
But I’ve been so busy. As some of you might know here in Holland we have Sinterklaas. And I always help with the “Intocht” in Kolhorn (that’s the place where my parents are living…).
So the last weeks were busy, perparing for it.
Zwarte Piet

Above you can see me and my best friend dressed as Zwarte Piet:) We had a great time!
Right now I’m busy  cleaning up the house. This week I want to finish our guest room. I want to airbrush some cute images on the walls and finally put the boxes on the attic. Going to airbrush Mylo & Friends on the door:) They’re so adorable. What I’m going to brush on the walls isn’t sure yet.




Okay no scrapping, but I was creative for 15 minutes today 11/17/2006

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Yesterdag I started with the first page of my Finland-album. I’m not going to show it right now, because I want to show all the pages at the same time.
Today I wasn’t into scrapping…well I organised some of my scrap-supply.
But for 15 minutes there was creativity coming out of my hands:)
Around 8.30 PM we are going to a B-day party from one of the neighbours. We live here a little more than 1 year now, but I don’t have a clue on what they like.
So I thought it’s getting winter….let’s make something for those little birds:)
This is what I’ve made for her.

No mini-album…although I had have enough pictures to make one. Hmmm remember that next year:)
My mom  likes it al lot, now I hope my neighbour does too.


Got a birthday gift today:) Thanks Anna:) 11/15/2006

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bday present

Today I received a Bda-gift from my Finnish friend:) Thanks a lot Anna:)
It’s chocolate:) When we were in Finland we brought some Fazer chocolate home:) I remember the “real” chocolate egg.
That one was a real eggshell and the egg was solid chocolate:)

Still working on my Finland album. But wanted to share this with you.


Yes!!! Started my Finland album 11/12/2006

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Yes, I started my Finland album, me and my BF went to Finland February 2005 for 10 days to visit my Finnish friend and her family. And off course to visit a beautifull country. Back then I was collecting all kinds of things because I knew (once…) I would scrap an album about my trip to Finland. So today I started with it, this photo shows the cover of it.
Finland album cover
I forgot to tell that I was in the hospital Friday. I have Keratoconus in my right eye. By accident I found out that my vision wasn’t clear anymore three weeks ago. So I went to the doctor, and he sent me to the ophthalmologist. After some research he told me that I had keratoconus. So now I have to get a hard contactlens to get my view better in my right eye…
To give you an idea of what it is….here’s a picture of a keratoconus.
As you can see it not how an eye should be….And the way I see things with my right eye is like this:
How Do I see
So I need a special contactlens. That will take two weeks:( So November 24th…..it my lens-day…


Organizing my scrap-space 11/11/2006

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Yes, I know still no LO’s from me. Sorry I can’t find the time….and space to start something. And I first need to finish LO’s and minialbums I started….
Yesterday my BF and I started finishing my scrap-space. I wanted to have my button, fibers and ribbon storage at the leaning side of the attic. So we are now screwing empty marmelade-jars down the leaning side. When all the lids are on there I want to paint it, and doodle around the lids:)
Today I wanted to start organizing my supplies, as you can see on the pictures below it’s a mess.
So I leave you with some pic’s of it…..have to start cleaning up.

marmelade jars
The jars with some of my buttons and fibers…..

mess 1
Do I have to clean up??? Well, I think it’s clear.

I think you understand why I need to clean up….

Everything is ready for tomorrow 11/06/2006

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Yes!!! Everything is ready for tomorrow, within 3 hours everything was ready:)
This morning I spend with the pile of laundry, and I surfed on internet. Right now I’m waiting for my BF to come home and then we’re going to the B-day party of the girl next door.
I’ve made her an Diddl-suprise gift and I hope she likes it…
Just before I started this post, I was visiting Dawn her Blog, and again (as usual) she made some awesome LO’s this weekend. Visit
her blog to see what I’m talking about. I really like those LO’s:)
Well, I’m going to take a shower and wait for an other 15 minutes. Will take my camera with me to take photos of my adorable girl next door. It’s her 8th B-day today.


Lazy weekend 11/05/2006

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My plans were different….wanted to scrap….but I didn’t.
Saturday we went to friends in the afternoon, in the evening we were just two lazy people hanging on the couch. We watched the Thunderbirds, my brother used to watch the puppet-show when he was younger. So it was funny to see the movie about it.
Today we did some things in the house, and we went to Alkmaar. We went there to buy curtains. But as Dennis has got a cold, we didn’t buy them. In the MediaMarkt we saw Corinne and Raymond. She was B-day shopping:) What did you bought Corinne??
Well, tomorrow me and my mom have to prepare things for my grandmothers B-day….she’s on holiday right now! OMG! I’ll do that again when my B-day is coming…:) No!! I like it to help my mom and off course my adorable granny:) Hope they are enjoying the time in Sauerland:)
Well, I catch up with you next week. Hope to get some scrap-LO’s finished!!


KreaDoe 11/03/2006

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Yesterday I went to the KreaDoe with my MIL. It was fun, but I’m so tired at the moment….And my back hurts real bad. So I guess today I have a day off.
I went to my MIL at 8 AM, we got on the train around 9. So we arrived in Utrecht at 10:15:) Then a little walk to the Jaarbeurs and then shopping!!!!
We bougth our tickets in advance, but we still had to wait. It was smaller than last year. So it was a busy everywhere. And there were many people who brought a bag-on-wheels with them….Aaarggghhh my ankle hates them.
I bought some papers, cardstock, clearstamps, ribbon, chipboard-things, primaflowers. After all I didn’t spend as much as I thought I would spend:) Yeah, good girl.
I didn’t scrapped this week….well guess I’ll be scrapping this weekend. Maybe I can use my Coca Cola papers I’ve bought. My BF collects Coca Cola, only the old things. And now I finally have the right papers to scrap the photos we have about the collection.
I’ve placed some old LO’s of me at Two Peas….You can find them here

I want to buy a new quickutz alpha but I didn’t find the one I like at the KreaDoe, so now I have to visit a scrapshop nearby to get one.