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Busy weekend…. 10/31/2006

Posted by Mrs. W. in General.

I had a very busy weekend…..
Last Friday, I turned 25 years old:) Time to party, right? So I invited family, friends, neighbours….and I had a great great day.
But before it was party-time I had a lot to prepare. So I started on Wednesday…..if I see a pillow right now, I’m sleeping….
On Saturday we had to clean to house, and so on. Saturday evening I had dinner with some old classmates. One of my old classmates invited us for dinner, because of her birthday:) It was great! I haven’t seen them in a long time. And I think I changed a lot since school-days….
After the dinner I went to see my dad’s band. They played in a bar nearby so…. and I shoot some photos for their new website.
So my BF and I turned home late that night.
Sunday we planned to go the Enschede, to pick up a present for my BF boss. Enschede is more than 200 kilometres away. So it was a long trip… Well, on our way back we had dinner in a restaurant, but it was disgusting.
We were home about 9 that evening….and my bed was nearby so I felt down and slept….
Now I’m still tired, but I can’t go to sleep right now… have to cook dinner…still do some laundry…

Hope to get time so scrap something this evening.




1. Dawn - 11/01/2006

Mirjam… are you awake? Are you still sleeping on that pillow? LOL It’s looking sweeter by the day here – you must scrap tonight, I need to see some more of your beautiful work 🙂

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